Wednesday, 19 February 2014

1812 - White Death on Tactica 2014

Only two days to go... From Friday to Sunday Tactica 2014 takes place in Hamburg at the Wilhelmsdorf Community Centre. It's Germany's largest wargaming fair and there are gathering a lot of clubs, traders and authors from all over country and from our neighbours. Unfortunately the British wargaming society and edpecilly the traders are a bit underrepresented but at least Dave Thomas, Wargames Foundry and Magister  Militum do themselves the honour of appearing. In addition the Perry twins will visit Tactica for the second time after 2013. They'll bring an excellent and exclusive miniatures of Saladin which can only be bought at the event.

More about Tactica on their homepage here.

Anyway our club keeps to the old tradition of presenting a game at Tactica. This year we'll proudly bring a game with us which some guys from the club developed:

White Death is set in Russia 1812. Napoleon failed to overcome Russia and is forced to retreat from the burning city of Moscow. His Grande Armée turned into a ragged crowd of vagabonds seeking their way home. Chased by Russian troops, starving, freezing and at the end of their tether they try to survive Russia's merciless winter, marauding cossacks and other perils...

For this background we created a skirmish game which makes those dangers graspable. It's designed for up to four players and a Game Master. It's his function to direct the scenario and guide the players through the story of the game. White Death has a lot of narrative elements rather known from roleplaying games. It's rather a cooperative game of the players against the game itself than against the Game Master.
After one and a half years of development, pondering, testing and editing we finished a presentable version of the rules. For the Tactica event we prepared around 50 character cards, 150 counters and about 100 playing cards in German and English. Additionally of course all the stuff needed for the gaming boards: Board tiles, figures, buildings, scenery stuff all covered with snow. But most notably we prepared a leaflet to deliver a impression of the game.
In Hamburg we'll be able to offer two scenarios simultaneously for up to three players each. Bernhard the intellectual father of the game and me will serve as Game Masters and several other guys of the club will be there to talk and play with interested visitors.

We hope for many interested wargamers. I any case you'll see a unique board and a unique way of wargaming there.

For further information about White Death or our wargaming club please have a look at the homepage of the Team for historical simulations, the special White Death subcategory, the threat in the Lead Adventure Forum or the related articles here on Monty's Caravan.

See you at Tactica !


  1. Splendid looking pictures...looks great!

  2. Looks really interesting Stefan and I'll for sure drop by and say hello.:-)


  3. Da wuenschte man sich ja glatt vor Ort gewesen zu sein. :--)

  4. Exellent looking game Stefan.

    Best regards Michael

  5. Good Luck to you all. The game sounds very interesting and the photographs look great.

    Regards Kevin.