Saturday, 4 January 2014

SAGA Viking Warlord

One of the first models I finished this year was a project I started weeks months ago: A Viking warlord for Saga.
Ragnar the red leading his men to the shores of Northumbria
The figures are from Gripping Beast's nice viking hirdmen plastic box. I combined parts from the command sprue and the "average" sprues to build these two Vikings which I mounted on a 40mm round plastic base. As usual I painted them with Vallejo Model Colours and Armypainter Quickshade on black primer.
Ragnar's loyal henchman Ubba.
It was real fun to paint the miniatures which are cast very crisp and clear. Especially the faces are very well sculpted and facilitate painting very much. I decorated the base with two stones made of cork and a mix of static grass, model railway flowers and clump foliage.

Honestly I didn't paint the shields by myself but used some excellent transfers by Steve from Little Big Men Studios. The were easy to use, look excellent and are much better than my freehand painting skills.

The only thing I don't like too much is the composition of the models on the base. Although I thought it might be a good idea to have the warlord fighting back to back with one of his champions the couples looks a bit strange after the vignette is finished. Anyway I have another warlord figure left to build a second base later. Now my SAGA warband is becoming playable slowly and hopefully I'll be able to present some further northmen next week.

Unfortunately this vignette is not submittable for the painting challenge since I started to paint it before 15th December 2013.

But next week pictures of some other finished models will reach Curt...


  1. Great start of this new year Stefan! They look very impressive!
    Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks Peter. I hope they'll be impressive on the gaming board as well.

  2. That's awesome ! A great painting work on good figures !
    I like the shields and particularly the weathering: congrats !
    Happy New Year !

    1. Thanks a lot.
      But LBM deserves the praise for the shield. Most of the weathering was on the transfer. I added just a slight stroke with the paintbrush here and there.

  3. Great work Stefan, as you know I rather like seeing Vikings

  4. They're loking darn good! Especially considering them beeing those awfull plastic vikings...