Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Broodlord for the Challenge

Two weeks have past since the last bonus round in Curt's painting challenge took place and so last weekend it was time to present another model for the next round. This time our theme was "villain(s)".
Looking through my lead mountain I found a miniature I bought ages ago. Or more precisely Mrs Monty bought it during a time she tested her wargaming luck with Warhammer 40K Tyranids. It's a Broodlord by Games Workshop. Those fierce aliens are kind of symbiotic species and usually leaders of hordes of genestealers. Therefore I thought it might serve well as a kind of villain from outer space and it gave me the chance to get a long ago started thing done finally.
The miniatures is about 48mm high and this one is the old white metal version. As far as I know Games Workshop was selling the figure as finacast model for some time but it seems to be . Nevertheless it's a nice dynamic sculpt and it was nice to paint.
As usual I used Vallejo Model Colour and Armypainter Quickshade to paint the model. Quiet straight forward and an excellent model for Quickshade since it has crisp details and only few plain areas. For the basing I used my usual mixture of sand, pebbles, static grass, clumb foliage and model railway flowers. For such an alien some kind of technical base or sci-fi waste would have been nice as well but I wanted to have the Broodlord fit to my gaming board and the other Tyranids I (and my wife...) painted years ago.

In addition I finished some Frenchmen for retreat 1812 last week. I'll present some pictures after Curt had them on his blog. Now the next bonus round is in store for me. This time it'll be "vehicle" and I decided to leave my original plan. Instead of a 20mm tank I'm preparing a 28mm Horsa glider for my Red Devils. A huge model and I'm curious how it'll turn out...