Thursday, 28 November 2013

Accepting the Challenge

Although the assembly of hte Pegasus Bridge brought me some sleepless nights, it will be finished this week I presume. Of course it needs to be painted afterwards but probably not before March, because I'm in Curts annual painting challenge this year (more information here) !
For me it's the first time to join Curt's challenge and I'm a rather slow painter. So I have to plan my tasks very carefully. Of course I have nothing to loose but I want to take the challenge rather realistically. Anyway my main goal is to pass all seven bonus rounds:

22nd December 2013 "Non-Combatants"
→ AWI Camp Scene (28mm)
05th January 2014 "Villain"
→ Warhammer 40K Genestealer Broodlord

19th January 2014 "Vehicle"
→ 20mm Tank, probably Panzer III or Panzer IV

02nd February 2014 "Hero or Heroic Group"
→ 2nd Light Btl KGL at La Haye Sainte (28mm)

16th February 2014 "Casualties"
→ Death of Col. von Ompteda near La Haye Sainte (28mm)

02nd March 2014 "Favourite Character"
→ Field Marshall Montghomery (28mm)

16th March 2014 "Last Stand"
→ Old Guard at Plancenoit (28mm)

In summary I hope to reach between 450 and 500 pounts thereby. Of course there are some other project running simultaneously but I'm not sure how much they'll add to the calculation. Most important there is the unit of redcoats for "Bloggers for Charity" which must be painted until February.

However I'll take the next two weeks to prepare as much of my lead mountain as possible to be ready for the challenge. Maybe I'll succeed in making all the figures for the bonus rounds ready. I don't want to waste too much precious challenge time for deflashing or priming the figures...


  1. Good luck Stefan the challenge will be fun for the next 3 months

  2. Looking forward to seeing your work in the challenge


  3. Good luck - I like your challenge bonus round ideas.

    I'll also be painting my contribution to Bloggers for Charity as one of the first submissions

  4. Fabulous news Stefan, looking forward to seeing what you produce.

  5. I'm looking forward to the bonus rounds as well, I've a few ideas,but I may struggle with some??? Good luck with the Challenge Stefan!

  6. Such planning! Perhaps I'd better start thinking a little more about my own projects...

  7. Good choices fine sir! Let's see them!

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    1. Dear Mrs Gondrée,

      this is the third time that you post a nearly identical comment which appeals to political activities concerning some kind of quarrel you're carrying out about the Pegasus meseum.

      I don't want to rate this but as I told you before I will not tolerate any politically motivated comments here on this blog. It is purely hobby and gaming related. Please relocate your activities to a suitable platform !

      French version by Google Translator:
      C'est la troisième fois que vous postez un commentaire presque identique qui fait appel à des activités politiques concernant une sorte de querelle que vous portez-vous sur la meseum Pegasus.

      Je ne veux pas évaluer cela, mais comme je vous l'ai déjà dit, je ne vais pas tolérer aucun commentaire à caractère politique sur ce blog. Il est purement passe-temps et les jeux liés. S'il vous plaît déplacer vos activités à une plate-forme appropriée!

      Kind regards

  9. Good luck with the challange! It seems you are very well prepared...