Thursday, 7 November 2013

Monty on Tour: Crisis 2013 survived ! - Part 2

After I presented our own game in part one of my Crisis report (here) I want to show you some of the excellent table other groups from around Europe presented at Crisis. Unfortunately only a small part of the pictures I took turned out to be of satisfying quality. I decided to take my wife's handy digital camera with me instead of my own SLR which turned to be a bit light-headed. Somehow the camera didn't master the lighting conditions and didn't focus very well. Unfortunately I didn't realise this until the very end...

So I strongly recommend that you visit some of the other blogs where Crisis 2013 is covered. Those fellows present some far better pics then mine and do justice to the extraordinary work of the other groups:
Just to name some of them...
Anyway let me present my few shots: 
A large gaming board which represented Operation Market Garden in 15mm. I think they used the Flames of War ruleset:

I'm not sure which conflict this table represented but I like the look of it very much:

Stronghold Terrain presented their awesome terrain pieces and an excellent gaming space for Saga. Mirco and Elmar are real masters of their trade:

In the rearmost part of the hangar a couple of guys presented an unique Bloodbowl board. Unfortunately my detail shots are too blurry to present them but maybe you get an idea how much work the put in the minutest details:

The battle of Culloden in small scale. I think it was 15mm. Anyway it was a large table with excellent miniatures. You really got a feeling of the battle which is difficult to create with larger miniatures because of the large space such a table would need:

This table looked like a kind of pulp scenario. I don't know which it was exactly but the desert board with the plane above was very well made:

One centerpiece of the entrance hall was of course Joe Dever's and Ron Ringrose's Quatre Bras table. It was part of the promotion they made for their Megawargames book and wasn't made for gaming actually. But the mere number of figures was very pleasing. The table had a lot of very nice vignettes and diorama pieces like a field bakery, some British squares, artillery limbers and such stuff and invited to investigate it foot by foot:
Napoleon turns away from the battlefield. Maybe he foreboding what he'll face two days later...

Just besides our very own table the SELWG presented their new Valhalla ruleset for skirmish games in the Dark Ages. Unfortunately I didn't have the time for a friendly game but the table looked excellent:

Just around the corner a battle in a galaxy far far away took place. A large squadron of TIE-fighters battled a small rebel force which was lead by an enormous Corellian corvette. I think it was a repainted model from Hasbro / Kenner. Anyway it looked excellent surrounded by all those tiny fighters:

Last but not least a very nice ACW table. I think from the T. S. A. themselves but I'm not completely sure. Anyway they did an good job with a terrain carpet, flock and some excellent miniatures and scenic pieces:

Well that's it. To my regrets I cannot show you more pictures of Crisis 2013. If you're interested in more eye candy then visit some of the blogs I mentioned earlier.

In the end here's a special picture for the blogger who asked for it and for those who didn't dare to:

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