Thursday, 24 October 2013

Back to Blogging

For the last two weeks I was I bit outside the bloggosphere. Really I regret that but those days were too busy for me to find any time for blogging and only little time for reading other blogs. After my pink eye was healed up I had to make up for the lost time at work and hobby time diminished. During these precious hours I had to arrange my new laptop, finish nine board tiles for Crisis and paint nine miniatures for the same deadline. Although I was able to take some pictures of some interesting things I wasn't able to prepare them for the blog or write the posts.

But by this weekend a lot of preparation for Crisis will be done and I hope to get arrears executed during the next two week. There will be a shot of my gaming board so far (at least 12 tiles finished yet), a review on Warlord Games Pegasusbridge set, a review of the exibition "Das Vaterland ist frey" (The fatherland is free) in the Upper Silesian State Museum in Ratingen (look here) which covers the German campaign of 1813 (in German called "Befreiungskriege"), hopefully a view onto the last figures for Crisis and maybe some other bits and pieces.

Please excuse when I missed some of your articles on your blogs. I'll try to read some of the older posts during the next days but wont comment all which I read. Anyway thanks to Loki I notices that Michael Awdry from the 28mm Victorian Warfare registered his 300th follower.

Many congrats for the great attention his blog gathers. It's well deserved for the great work he usually presents!


  1. Welcome back Stefan, look forward to reading your review on Pegasus bridge.

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