Wednesday, 9 October 2013

AWI Command Base

Last week I was a bit restricted. A conjunctivitis ("pink eye") afflicted me and so time with full vision was precious. Besides painting miniatures I was busy with preparing my new laptop so there wasn't too much time to do other eye stressing things like reading or commenting blogs. Please excuse me for missing you last weeks efforts. At least I'll try to read the things I missed.

Anyway I finished the first command base I ever produced. It shall represent the brigade command for my highlanders:
My first command base... ever.

Actually it's a combination of an officer, a drummer and an ensign in the uniform of the Black Watch with the regiment's King's Colour which shall serve as kind of pars pro toto for the brigade command. The figures are from the excellent Perry twins and the flag is from GMB Designs. Unfortunately the contact between the officer's sabre and his hand was very week and it broke of while I varnished the figure. So I had to repair it and used flattened piano wire which I hammered and grinded into shape. I had to remodel a part of the hand as well but I think it doesn't stand out too much.
Close-up of the ensign...
... and the drummer...
... and the commanding officer himself.
My next task is to finish a group of British officers interrogation an American POW. Besides that I've got some Gripping Beast plastic Vikings on my workbench and my efforts for "Bloggers for Charity" seem to become concrete. Loki announced to send me a unit of FIW redcoats soon and I'm planning to paint them around christmas.

By the way I recognized that 50.000 hits are coming nearer and I'm thinking about continuing the tradition to organize a raffle now and then. In case I'll find some useful prizes I will...


  1. Hi fellows,

    thanks a lot for your encouraging comments.
    To be honest I like it very much how they turned out but I'm happy that they find such a benevolent judgement under your experts' eyes.


  2. Very nice work, although should not the horse's eye be black? Anyway, I like this sort of basing for command groups, because it gives you a nice representation of the whole "team" that ran the battles.

  3. Lovely work, Stefan - the figures all go very well together. Thanks for the warning about the officer's sword - I'll make sure I'm very gentle with the figure when I get around to painting it! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the interrogation vignette, given that I posed for one of the figures!

    Best wishes


    1. Really? Did you?
      For which figure of this excellent set?

    2. It's all explained here: I'm the Scottish officer examining the paperwork (as lawyers tend to do...). The interrogator is "Eclaireur", whose day job involves asking lots of questions. The smiling British officer is Dave Brown, author of the "General de Brigade" rules and mainstay of the Loughton Strike Force wargames club. The Hessian officer is "Ronan the Librarian"/"Supercilius Maximus", a well-known authority on the 18th century and author of several AWI books. We all sent Alan photos of our faces and height measurements. I'm a bit taller in the figure than I am in real life. But it's funny how some people did identify us correctly when the set first came out - such is Alan Perry's sculpting skills.

      PS Sorry to hear about your conjunctivitis - not nice at all.

    3. Very cool, indeed.
      I'll be extra-careful when painting them. ;-)

  4. Very nice command base, well done.
    Assuming infectious conjunctivitis, some chloramphenicol drops from local pharmacy are a good first line treatment (assuming available in your country?)

    1. On friday I visited a ophthalmologist who ordered me some antibiotic eye drops. They seem to work rather well although the inflammation is healing slowly...

      But thanks for your advice anyway!

  5. Well first or not, this is a wonderful piece. Great composition and brushwork.

  6. Stefan these are stunning, what a fantastic stand.

    1. Thanks Michael.
      Since I know you as a specialist for vignettes I appreciate your laud a lot.

  7. Very very nice!!! i would never have guessed about the sword, you made a great job on it!

  8. Very nice and inspiring command base!