Thursday, 6 September 2012

News from the workbench, this time with a glass of wine...

Once again it was quite on Monty's Caravan. Although I spent time at the workbench regularly there was nothing presentably finished during the last two weeks.
But this very evening when Mrs. Monty took an evening off to share some crossstitch pattern with a friend of hers, I thought it were time to keep you on the loop during a glass of wine and a dash of Danish tobacco.

Well then... A cheer unto you kind readers and let's walk the walk in good spirits:

You see some things I've done during the last weeks in the background of the image. You fewest of you will have noticed behind the glass of wine. However I managed to prepare twelve horse for being quickshaded and I prepared eight Highlanders for the same fate.

Besides I mixed some colours for my new gaming board, de-flashed some Napoleonic British Blues (Royal Horseguards) and did some research concerning the Generals Sir Hussey Vivian and Sir Coloquhoun Grant. Probably the latter one will be leading character of a forthcoming command base.

Additionally I try to finish a Napoleonic battle report for a battle which was fought four weeks ago finally. Some things seem to be like Scotch Whisky: They have to age before they might be enjoyed.
However I'll do my very best to present you this article during this week.

By the way:
Next weekend the "British Days" will take place at Linn Castle in Krefeld which is about an hour away frm my residence. When weather is at least bearable I'll visit the event accompanied by my loved wive and our charming daughter who -at the age of two- is not able to call the fundamental colours but she is able to identify a bagpiper within the massed bands of the Guards or a trumpeter between the Horseguards and the Blues and Royals. That's my girl!  ;-)

Thereafter I hope you stay here and I hope you'll enjoy my next posts. Whenever they'll appear...  


  1. It's still progress Monty, I'll have a Cidre cold!

  2. Well i've not picked a brush up for 2 weeks, so you've done stacks more than me!

  3. A very fine update . . . enjoy!

  4. A bit of man-time alone is priceless! I'm the father of 2 girls, so I know what it's like to be outnumbered. Even the cat's female!

  5. Progress is progress Monty. Hope you enjoyed the wine and the pipe :)

  6. A nice way to spend the evening Monty. With a glass of wine and a full bowl. Enjoy yourselves on your outing.

  7. Thanks for your kind replies!

    I'll do my very best to keep things going a bit faster.

    Have a nice weekend!

  8. Good to see you working on something :)
    I'm busy with preppin' for the exhibit in Mainz (in two weeks) currently... :)

    Cheers, Mojo

  9. Monty, see you at Linn Castle this weekend :-)

  10. Whether painting, preparing or pondering, we can still enjoy the the hobby; cheers!

  11. I'm with you on the vino, and often sit and ponder what I am about to do next at the paint table, or sit and mull over army configurations when I get a mo', all good stuff!