Friday, 22 June 2012

A busy week... Results yet to follow

The last week was very busy. Therefore I regret that I wasn't able to post a new article earlier.
This weekend the wargaming club I'm recently playing with will host a large Napoleonic event. It's set before a fictional 1813 background where Britainn had decided to support the Prussians and the Russian after the convention of Tauroggen (look here) and sent a expiditionary force to Prussia. In an earlier game the British forces landed at Kolberg in Middle Pomerania and formed a bridgehead there by taking the fortress guarding the town and the bay.
On the Saturday and Sunday the French will try to shatter the small English forces and reconquer Kolberg. The British will try to hold the hround until Prussian, Russian and Austrian troops relieve them.

The table will measure enormous 14m of length and there will be twelve players and umpires around. Unfortunately I'm able to participate on Sunday only but I'll try to post some kind of review next week.

However... I had to paint some Royal Foot Artillery crewmen for the fortification's batteries and spent every single minute to finish those thirteen men:
Some of the twelve gunner...

Close-up of one og the gunners...

Please excuse the unusually bad quality of the pictures. I took them with my mobile phone this morning after I varnished the figures.

Next week I'll try to finish the guns and bases and then I'll post some better pics.


  1. The pictures arn't bad (I've much worse) - its amazing what mobile phones are capable of.
    By the way, the miniatures look great! You surprise me every time with what is possible with the army painter.

  2. Stunning work Stefan, really top class.

  3. Great looking figures Stefan, very well painted!!

  4. What a great looking crew! You certainly are turning out quality figures quickly!

  5. Great looking crew. Looking forward to the guns and the report.


  6. Hi folks,

    thanks for the nice replies.
    On the table those gunmen look really well, but with a closer look the little mistakes becomes obvious.

    However I like the result and your comments encourage me.

    Probably tomorrow I'll post a little teaser of last weekend's game and I'll prepare a short report during the next days.