Saturday, 27 May 2017


This weekend for the very first time CONFLICT RHEINLAND is taking place in Langenfeld. The city itself isn't too well known I presume but at least it's located between Düsseldorf and Cologne aka. the heart of the Rhine Area. Thus three reasons made a visit there mandatory for me:
- It's only an hour from the place I'm living
- Our club brings a AWI table to the show
- The fellows running the show are really decent fellows
Thus I headed the train to Düsseldorf at 07:00am where my friend Holger picked me up and took me to the club house where the show took place. After approaching Torsten and Thorsten the two major heads behind the show I met my THS club fellows at our table:

My friend Heinz prepared the table and most of the terrain and figures on it. It a AWI game based on some events during the Saratoga Campaign in 1777. Experimentally I made a short video of the British comun with my mobile phone:
Sorry for the poor quality. On the phone it was much better but after uploading it looks kind of downsampled... Anyway the tune you are hearing comes from a small gadget Heinz integrated in the scenery:
But besides ourselves there were some other clubs delivering interesting and exciting tables as well as wonderful participation games. Especially the Force on Force table caught my attention and finally I found an excellent introduction into this exciting game:
Hunt for Red October
Beginner's table Force on Force
Delta Force sneaking around.
But besides that there were more nice tables, good games and fine fellows. Here's a selection of pictures:
WW2 Operation Squad in 28mm
Whitechappel a detective tabletop about hunting Jack the Ripper

The Goulston Street grafitto
28mm Chain of Command
Bridge on the River Kwai with Poor Bloody Infantry
HeroQuest 3D
HYW with Saga
One of my current favourites: Congo

Team Yankee
15mm ACW Regimental Fire and Fury
28mm Sudan with This very Ground. The game I played at Tactica this year.
After all there were a couple of really excellent tables although the place of event was rather small with about 250m². But I saw people from Hannover as well as chaps from Karlsruhe which is a radius of 300km. In my humble opinion that's a great influence for a small show during its first year. From my point of view Torsten and Thorsten performed a sublime job organising this event and I dearly hope that for them it was as successful as for us visitors. If Conflict establishes itself it could become an excellent familiar show perfectly set between the gigantic players Tactica and Crisis. Best of luck boys!

Of course yours truly wasn't able to keep all the quids he brought. In Langenfeld were only a few local traders but nevertheless Didier's (More Terrain) work seduced me enough to acquire some pieces for Congo:
Alltogether a wonderful day and a real pleasure to visit the very first Conflict Rheinland Wargames Show. I really hope that many will follow!


  1. Some fantastic looking games, love the Whitechapel one and yours looked fab

    1. Thanks Martin. The Whitechapel game was a nice mix of tabletop and detective game. But really terrific was the passion for detail that was put into it.

  2. Great report! Wow that Typhoon class submarine looks amazing!!!

    1. Indeed that was one of the most impressive tables. But a lot of good stuff all around.

  3. Looks like a grand day, also good to get an insight into a local show in Germany . The Whitechapel game looks the stand out to me .

  4. Wonderful looking games and I like the AWI soundtrack!


  5. Some great looking tables Stefan. Thanks for sharing your pics!

  6. They look like some really quality games. Hopefully it was a successful convention for them.

  7. Thanks for sharing the pictures, those are some great tables.

  8. Looks like a great day out! Thanks for the pictures of some lovely tables.

  9. What an excellent looking show!

  10. Looks like a brilliant day out - thanks for sharing mate!

  11. It was nice to meet you, Stefan - if you like, you can see some more pictures on my blog ;-)

  12. I am so sorry Stefan, not sure how I missed this post? What a splendid day out this looks and so much to enjoy. The submarine and the River Kwai games certainly caught my eye, but like you see the Congo board has me thinking that I must speed up if I am ever to get my efforts on the board.