Sunday, 2 April 2017

Final Rush: 15mm T-72 for Team Yankee

Actually I thought that the boat would be my final entry for this painting challenge but then I regonised that only 30 points were missing to fulfill 500 points goal. Luckily I've been working on a couple of 15mm T-72 tanks during last week. I inserted a night shift yesterday and a final rush this afternoon. So here we go:

All ten T-72 tanks.
The models are plastic kits from Battlefront's Team Yankee range. They are pretty easy builds but nicely models on the table anyway. As usual I primed them and gave them a thin coat of the Sovjet greenish base colour.
Numbers one to four...
Then some ink (Armypainter 'Strong Tone') and a couple of different layers of drybrushing. After all I wanted a 'quick and dirty' technique because I'm afraid the the Sovjets will obtain much more reinforcements than my German Bundeswehr in which I but some more work for the three colour camouflage sheme.
... numbers five to eight...
After all I'm pretty satisfied with the result. I haven't applied decals yet because I'm not sure for which country to field them. I'm undecided between Red Army and East German Volksarmee though...
... and finally numbers nine and ten.
However that's my final entry for this year painting challenge then. It was great to join the bunch and I enjoyed the many tremendous entries a lot. Many thanks to all participants and especially to Curt for taking the efforts of organising the gathering again!


  1. Great work on the tanks Stefan!

  2. They look excellent, Stefan. Perfect inspiration for the Soviet WW2 armour that is currently on my workbench.
    I was reading Hackett's WW3 book the other day and started to think that I might want to Team Yankee, and then I gave my head a shake. But it is very tempting.
    I enjoyed all your Challenge entries very much, it was a pleasure to share the stage with very talented artists like yourself.