Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Tactica Review (2) - Tremendous Tables

Last week I introduced the we brought to Tactica but this week I want to focus on a couple of the excellent tables other people presented. As the years before there were some awesome pieces of craftsmanship and as the years before I wasn't able to take good pictures of each and every of them. Thus I do honestly recommend you search the internet for other Tactica reports to get a complete impression of the whole show.

Anway here we go...

Eladan's wonderful winter table for SAGA 'Game of Thrones'
Winter is coming ! 
Möckern... Napoleonics with 'Black Powder'
A very nice WW2 winter table

Germans approaching.

Great Northern War; unfortunately I don't remember the rules.
A dungeon across several levels.

Saint-Aubin-Sur-Mer behind Juno and Sword Beach. Rules were 'Behind Omaha'.
Gliders behind the city. Actually part of the force attacking the Merville battery.
Paper soldiers.
Designed by Peter Dennis.
A modular ship acting as stage for a cinematic 'Black Ops' game.

Silent death...
The agends entered the belly of the ship to rescue a couple of hostages.
And had to explore two lower decks.

On the first floor there was a theme room presenting 40 years of wargaming history in Germany. Several contributors brought an interesting collection of wargaming stuff and models from the early 1960s until today:
Well known GW games from the golden 90s.
Molds for DIY figures. My start into metal miniatures as well...

Our club fellow Kalle explaining 1960s game 'Romans vs. Carthagians'
Besides meeting old friends and making new ones Tactica is always a great chance for playing. It's two days offer plenty of time to try a couple of game but nevertheless during the last years I never found the time to take this chance. This year I was lucky enough to have some free time on Sunday morning and joined a Sudan game the Kurpfalz Feldherren presented. They used the rules of 'This very Ground' and create an interesting and thrilling scenario:
This British caravan had to reach a small supply point. It was accompanied by a unit Camel Corps.
But of course there were more Brits in the supply point. Their player decided to leave his camp to guard the caravan.
But we incited our Mhadist troops to make short shrift with those disbelievers.

Fierce fighting broke out and took many lives on either side.
But finally some of my troops stormed the barricades and achieved victory for us.

As you see it was a tremendous weekend again. I had a really great time with my friends and enjoyed the show even more then the years before. It was priceless to see old friends again and make new once. Especially meeting Michael aka. Dalauppror was a great pleasure. Although there are eleven months to come I'm already looking forward to Tactica 2018 !


  1. Some really stunning tables, love the Sword Juno beach, the multilevel dungeon and the ship

  2. Thanks for sharing mate - some inspirational stuff there!

  3. There really were some wonderful games on show, thank you for sharing them Stefan.

  4. Looks like a fun day... great pics!

  5. Thanks for sharing Stefan! Great pictures!


  6. Wonderful tables and pictures, thanks for sharing!

  7. I'd have loved to have seen the ship up close. Looks like great fun! Thanks for sharing mate.

    1. A really characterful table with a wonderful 007ish game.

  8. Really outstanding looking tables there!

  9. Some fantastic looking tables

  10. Wonderful looking show- always gave a soft spot for wonderful looking Sudan games!

  11. Wow! What a wonderful time. I'd love to make this show sometime in the future. That freighter scenario looked amazing - was it custom or a MDF kit?