Thursday, 10 November 2016

Santa's little helper

Year after year not only the festive season approaches but two wargamer community ventures as well 'Secret Santa' run by Ian Willey and his helpful wife and 'Santa Clause' run by Chris Stoesen. As the two years before I decided to participate in both projects and bought the gifts for my targets at Crisis last weekend.

Anyway this brought back into my mind that I haven't posted some ideas for my personal Santa until now. I apologies the delay but somehow the question of what to get for my targets displaced writing my own wishlist.

It's difficult this year since I'm more or less contended with my lead pile. I've got spare figures for nearly all the periods I'm in but nevertheless there are a couple of gaps:

1880s 'The North-West Frontier' (28mm):
As you know I'm working on a medium force for the 2nd Anglo-Afghan War. For British Infantry and Cavalry there is enough in my collection or lead mountain but maybe 'Secret Santa' wants to add some Afghans. Although I already have the sets VLW2 and VLW5 by Perry Miniatures their VWL3 and VLW4 (Afghans with firearms) as well as VWL7 (Tribesmen with mountain gun) would be very helpful. Additionally Wargames Foundry has some nice packs of tribesmen whereof one would be much appreciated as well.
Perry Miniatures VWL3 and VWL4

Napoleonics (28mm):
Actually I'm pretty much done with Napoleonics currently. I'm desperately working on British infantry for our Aboukir 1801 game in late February but for that all stocks are completed. The only thing I'm really in need of is some rowing sailors and a naval gun crew. So in case that 'Secret Santa' is from the US some of Brigade Games wonderful figures would be a perfect gift.
Brigade Games British Naval Gun Crew
Team Yankee (15mm):
Slightly subtly I fell into this 'Cold War gone hot' game and I'm working on some German Bundeswehr forces as well as some Sowjets to support a friend of mine. Unfortunaltely most packs from Battlefront's range are far beyond the £15 limit but some smaller packs shoudl fit in. Especially some anti-aircraft artillery is needed for the red horde namely the SA-13 Gopher. Equally appreciated are the Sowjet tokens.
For the Bundeswehr I'd need a couple Fuchs armoured personal carriers or another Panzergrenadierzug. If discounted a set of M113 Panzermörser would be a blast as well.
Team Yankee Gopher and Fuchs
So these should give some ideas to 'Secret Santa'. But please feel free to go into another theatre of war. Actually I appreciate anything my 'Secret Santa' is willing to invest time, efforts and money and usually the most surprising gifts are the most sparkling ones.

For 'Santa Clause' it's a bit more difficult because £5 is not too much to connect detailed wishes with. From those topics above a nice figure or small group of figures would be much appreciated. Maybe a set of civilians or animals for NWF or a one of those nice and cheap Napoleonic carts or some 15mm scenary for T.Y. Maybe a useful mission objective or something like this...

Anyway I'm looking forward to see how this year's 'Secret Santa' and 'Santa Clause' will run. My gifts are bought and I'll start painting the set of figures I'll give away next week. A pleasant start for the coming festive season...

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