Thursday, 7 January 2016

Nostalgia: Dark Angels Space Marine

Curt's call for a nostalgia figures was enough for me to dig into my old box with bits and pieces from earlier days. Inside I found a sprue of Space Marines by Games Workhshop. Since these were the figures I started wargaming with I found it appropriate for this theme round. Actually I started with one or two generations older Space Marines but no unpainted figures from the early nineties survived on my lead pile.

Anyway here we go for brother Nostalgico:
It's as far as I remember a piece of the third or fourth generation of plastic Space Marines. During this period of Warhammer 40K there were nice sprues with chapter specific parts. Thus brother Nostalgico is wearing a bone white gown as most veterans of the Dark Angels Space Marines do.
The paintjob was pretty straight. Meanwhile I don't have any Games Workshop colours anymore and employed Vallejo Model Colors instead. The green is based on Luftwaffe Camo Green and I applied it with my new airbrush gun. I even tried to do the highlighting with it but it didn't work on all parts of the figures. Finally I applied some blackish wash to underline the fine indentations.
The gown is based on a dark yellow tone and I highlighted it with a couple of beige and whitish layers. As you see on the back view larger folds are still not my cup of tea.

Although I gladly changed into historical wargaming a couple of years ago it was nice to go back to the roots for a couple of hours. Excellent idea, Curt !


  1. Nice work Stefan. I'm painting these on and off for a commission at the moment too. You've done a great job on the robe...

  2. Absolutely superb Stefan, I was lured to the 40K world, but I always remember looking at the Space Marines and thinking how great they looked.

  3. Very nice, I still think the original plastic space marines where one of the best plastic sets I ever owned!