Monday, 14 December 2015

'Secret Santa' is early this year.

It has been silent on my blog for the last week. Not because yours truly was lazy but because my work had to be kept top secret. *** Please whistle James Bond theme now or listen here *** As some of you fine fellows as well yors truly was reckless or generous enough to enter the 'Santa Clause' venture again. Thus the four tin soldiers I stipulated took my whole attention lately. Meanwhile they are finished and I'm hoping that my 'Santa Clause' counterpart will appreciate them. I'll follow his blog with greatest curiosity now.

On Saturday I received a parcel which rose my spirits: 'Secret Santa' is early this year. His gift arrived unscathed and gives a mildly rattling sound like small metal parts hitting thin plastic blister caverage. Hopefully he or she didn't enclose any bone china. In that case the sound should be very worrying.
The gift itself.
Anyway let me send you a big Thank you very much ! in advance. Of course I handed the unopened parcel to unbribable Mrs Monty who will take care for it until Christmas Eve. Luckily in Germany handing out the presents at Christmas is slightly earlier than in most anglo-american countries...


  1. Oh lucky you - I'm still waiting for mine to arrive :-)

    1. Ten days until Christmas Eve. A lot of time to get it.

  2. Can't wait to find out what you've got!

  3. Received mine a few days ago too!