Saturday, 11 July 2015

Painting Table Saturday - The Dark Knight WIP

During the last months a friend of mine has been working working on his first figures for the Batman miniatures game. No need to say that his wonderful work inspired me. It lead me to the literary place Gotham City. A place I left about twenty-five years ago. Not that I lost sympathy for Bob Kane's sinister avenger but somehow I lost touch to comic books. Anyway during the ht weeks I plunged into Christopher Nolan's excellent movie triology once more, played the Arkham Origins video game and read a couple of the newer Batman graphic novel. They're rather different from my older 80s comic books: Darker, more serious, somehow adult. But without any doubt worth a try in case that you like superheroe stories. Many thanks to the well-known Michael Awdry esq.

Finally I wasn't able to withstand Knight Models's interesting range of 35mm miniatures and bought one of Batman's incarnations:
It's a very nice miniature that entertained me during the last week. A wonderful piece of lead but I added another base because I don't like those rather thick slotta bases. Of course the colour palette for the Dark Knight is very limited but I decided to paint the cape, boots, gloves etc. blueish. To my mind more interesting than black and grey only. Hopefully I'll finish him next week.

Anyway I'm not sure whether this will grow to a larger project but besides there price there's nothing bad to say about those miniatures. Honestly in my mind's view there are the dark allies of Gotham appearing and Penguin, Joker and other villains lurking...

Enjoy the weekend !


  1. How wonderful and my apologies if I have lured you into a new hobby departure. I must admit that they become rather addictive, but I have more than enough to be keeping me going for the moment.

    1. No need to apologise, Michael. It's me you whose mind is week enough to sink in such seductions too easily... ;-)

  2. Very nice beginnings! I'm sure you'll make a real eye catcher out of this figure.