Thursday, 18 September 2014

Santa's little helpers...

During the last weeks Ian and Chris took enrolments for the annual Christmas campaigns "Santa" and "Secret Santa". During the last years Ian and his wife managed both of them but because of the growing number of participants and to avoid confusion Ian gave the Santa Clause campaign into Chris's trustworthy hands.
Anyway I nearly missed their roll calls but luckily got tickets for both campaigns at the last minute. And here's what it's all about (for the few who don't know...):

"Santa Clause"
Rule number 1:
To enter you need to either have a blog or be a regular follower of this blog (or Ian's) already. This is to give confidence to all involved that everyone will follow through to the end. If you have a blog and don't follow this one it's OK to join in.

Rule number 2:
The idea is that each person involved buys a figure or figures to the value of less than £5 and paints them up to fit in with what the target blogger wargames or collects. Best would be some kind of command for the bigger scales but maybe a unit or two of such as 6mm or a building or... you get the idea.

Rule number 3:
Please try to send out your items so that they will arrive by December 20th in plenty of time for the big day. I will send out who you have on September 16th.

Rule number 4:
Please post on your blog about your participation. The more we can get on board, the more fun for all of us.

Rule number 5:
This is not intended to be a cheap alternative to Ian's Secret SantaTM. Instead it is a great opportunity to send and receive something that will be special BECAUSE it's a one off from a fellow blogger. Not that you have to limit yourself to something useful, feel free to paint up something that will just sit aside the painting desk or study etc and just give pleasure. 

So after all I got my target a few days ago and it's locked. The person I have the pleasure to paint some figures for is a fellow wargamer who is following my blog for some time as I do with his blogs. Actually I would love to give more hints about this noble fellow but I should keep my mouth shut to avoid ruining the surprise. Anyway the parcel will have to take a long journey so no time to waste !

"Secret Santa"
Actually the same rules apply as above but this campaign is not about a painted miniature of any kind but of a present (of course hobby related...) for about £15. Each participant will send one as well as receive another.

Ian is still taking contenders for this project. So if you want to join the bunch then hurry up and sign in!

However I'm really excited of being a part of both prjects. I love the idea of digging into one's hobby and find an item he hopefully is in need of. And as for "Santa Clause" I like the idea to give someone time, effort and hopefully pleasure as a present much more than the little amount of necessary money...

Many, many thanks to Chris and Ian for running those ventures. And to all participants, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do !


  1. I've participated in the past and it's a fun experience. Alas, this year funds will be very tight and I can't. Hoping this year is a success and that people take great joy in it.

  2. Both were a blast last year, really happy to be able to do one this year and Chris is doing a great job at the Santa Clause


  3. Will be interesting to see what happens with Santa Clause - But £15. is a bit much this year especially when you add in the cost of mailing items to the UK (Unless you order something from the UK and send it that way) Which I have an idea for in that regard. Regards VFW