Sunday, 17 August 2014

Paint Table Weekend - Major Baring nearly ready for service

As usual it's sunday and I'm rather late for the painting table saturday...

But first for something else:
Many, many thanks for yiur encouraging and kind congrats to my 100K step. I appreciate it very much!

Back to the painting table:
During last week I finished some further WW 1 Tommies (which I'll present very soon) and put some work into Marshall Ney for the vignette. But this Saturday I feature Major Georg Baring who has been residing on my workbench for too long meanwhile:
Only the older ones among you highly appreciated reader will remember when I started with the KGL riflemen for La Haye Sainte. It was in the dark winter of 2014 when nobody foreboded that 4Ground and Sarissa might publish a huge MDF La Haye Sainte building. Anyway some fellows of mine had the idea to play this part of the battle of Waterloo as detailed scenario with a 1:10 ratio of miniatures. Carelessly I agreed to paint 40 KGL riflemen for this event...

Although I'm pretty much at the beginning with only eight riflemen finished I'm carrying on. Hopefully this weekend three more riflemen as well as Major Bahring himself will join the posse.

Enjoy your weekend !


  1. Great start on the KGL Rifles - very nice!

  2. Excellent stuff. I keep thinking about that La Haye Sainte set. It's Airfix's fault!

  3. It might not be Saturday, but it's certainly worth the wait.

  4. The KGL are looking very very nice Stefan!

  5. Congrats on 100,000 hits Stefan. Your KGL are looking good and a mounted officer is just the ticket.


  6. Excellent painting work and figures

  7. Thanks a lot, chap!
    Indeed I finished those guys on sunday and wil gladly present them in a day or two.