Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Congratulations! - Mike from "Trouble at T'Mill" broke 100K!

Last week our wargaming fellow blogger Mike Whitaker from "Trouble at T'Mill" broke the 100.000 hits sonic wall.

Congratulations !

To celebrate this milestone he organizes a price draw and invites any public follower of his blog to enter. Until now he started three raffles:

Day 1: Two lots of old Airfix miniature packs

Day 2: A selection of Games Workshop Lord of the Rings sprues

Day 3: A set of 28mm plastic Norman infantry and Sharon Penman's historical novel "When Christ And His Saints Slept"

When you decide to go there for the raffles then have a look at some of his other posts. Most of them are excellent wargaming stuff and eye-candy.

Good luck further on, Mike !

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