Friday, 19 April 2013

Hail Caesar Fantasy - Siege of Kuttel

Within part 1 (here) and part 2 (here) of my Good Friday AAR triology I presented the battle on the fields of Kuttel. As you might remember the allied forces of men and elves were able to stop the hordes of united villains who tried to set the finishing blow to the besieged city of Kuttel. Although we were not able to destroy their forces we blocked the way to Kuttel long enough to relieve the defeding garrison and the greenskins and the comrades were forced to retreat.

While this epic struggle happend nearby the garrison of Kuttel had to overcome the fierce attack in front of the walls of Kuttel. Only inadequately equipped to hold the walls the brave dwarves and halflings under command of Bernhard, Mark and Liam decided to meet their foes at the banks of the "Mäusefluss" (Mice River) to fend the united hordes of undead (Carsten), lizardmen (Axel) and beastmen (Georg) off.
The battlefield on the banks of the Mäusefluss. In the background the fortified city of Kuttel.
After the initial deployment on either side of the battlefield the dwarves moved slightly forward to enhance their defensive position. They dragged their artillery pieces to points with good overview of the battlefield and sent out their handgunners to overwatch the fields and the swamps in the center.
The battle is unfolding...
Meanwhile the beastmen were unusually hesitant. They dropped back on the left wing of their army while the lizardmen in the center bolted into their natural living environment and prepared a massive attack through the swamps. The undead advanced on the right flank and did their very best to browbeat their dwarvish opponents.
The cold-blooded lizardmen infiltrating the swampy area. (pictures provided by Axel)

First blood was shed in the center of the battlefield. After some well-aimed handgun volleys the dwarves produced their swords and axes and knocked off the first charges. While the lizardmen fell back to regroup the undead tried to break the defenders' left flank to coil up their battle line.
The dwarves readjust their formation to take the attack.
But the well trained dwarves and the lion-hearted halflings reformed quick enough and were prepared when the wavering hordes of rattling skeletons came in. They closed their ranks and condensed their untis that much that the fiends bounded off.

Meanwhile it became late on the near Kuttel and the sun sank outside our marvellous gaming location. On the field of honour itself the dwarves and halflings had suffered losses but had been rather in rather good shape still. The attackers on the other hand had suffered more than just a bleeding nose. The lirardmen as well as the undead had suffered severely but the beastmen were nearly fresh since they "executed the rearguard" for some time during the battle.

However the situation for the defenders seemed to be solid but not secure. So the commanders agreed to end the game as a draw on the battlefield but a success for the defence of Kuttel of course. A pleasant ending for a great game as all generals attested.
Bernhard, Mark, Liam Georg and Axel discussing the final situation.
So both games on this epic day ended with a draw but stratagically the alliance of men, elves, dwarves and halflings held the city of Kuttel and forced the united hordes to withdraw.

I hope you enjoyed the AARs of that day and got a feeling how much we enjoyed the great games.

Next week I'll return to less epic topics. First of all I'll be proud to present my finished french retreaters which I clumsyly converted from Victrix plastics (you might remember those pictures here). Later during the week I might be able to show you some AWI scots if I manage to finish them. However I'm on a good way...


  1. Nice AAR and I like that close-up of the lizards. Sweet.

    1. Thanks Anne.
      Actually it's Axel's picture, but I like it too. They look so sneaky there...


  2. Thanks for the completion of the trilogy. As they say "all the best trilogies come in threes." :)

  3. Superb report and my word that is a lot of osprey titles you have there.

  4. More great looking action, thanks again!

  5. Wonderful pictures!!!