Friday, 16 March 2012

A new hill and more bocages

When we returned from Koblenz the weekend before last Auld Nick and me weren't deedless. Nick build some Bocages whose blanks I prepared some weeks ago while I finished a hill.

The hill is based on the Games Workshop modular hill. After base-coating it with black spray paint I covered the stony parts with Citadel Rough Coat, a structure paint spray whose production was cancelled about two years ago. Afterwards I painted the rocks with Citadel Foundation Charadon Granite and drybrushed with Vallejo London Grey. I like that silightly brownish tone of Charadon Granite. However the lawn was painted green and covered it with some medium-light green static grass. Looks like springtime... A bit too tidy... I should keep that in mind when working on my new boards: They shall look more realistic and less like Wimbledon.

The Bocages were built as described in my tutorial (here). Fearing for his fingers Niclas was a bit hesitant with the hot glue gun. Therefore I had to fix some holes but generally I'm satisfied. Only one piece of Bocages has to be overworked. When I covered the pebbles with thinned PVA glue I was too freehanded and disfifured some poly fibre shrubbery Niclas apllied on the base. I'll present pictures when I meded the worst.

Two end section and a centrepiece. I should afforest the right piece a bit...
Two other centerpieces. Taken as a whole I've got about 1m Bocages now. Far from enough for a Normandy game...
Next I plan to create more straight pieces, some pieces with fencing and corners as well as crossings. Slowly I get tired of Bocages and hedgerows...

But not this weekend. Tomorrow I'll visit the Re-Action-Convention in Rheindahlen (Germany) and absorb some new ideas there. Especially some 28mm stuff would be interesting since I plan a little sidestep there.

However I'll post a review next week.


  1. The hill looks fine, good scenery progress though as we never have enough...ever!

  2. Nice hill and hedgerows mate!

  3. Oh Monty, I can understand how you might feel after 1m of bocages.
    I wasn't far from sending it all to hell by the time I made mine...
    (I remember naming the Post "These goddamn bocages", and I didn't mean it from the sight of those who needed to deal with it some decades ago ;) )

    Well after all, we need them for playing and the definitely look great :) Good work! Keep it up!

    Cheers, Mojo

  4. I've got to say that they look pretty impressive to me. Top work Sir!

  5. I built about 2.5m of Bocage thinking it would be barely covers a quarter of a standard games table. I'm planning on making a load more...but I'm putting it off because I know what a horrendously large job it is!

  6. You should mix different types of static grass, so grass areas look more natural.

  7. I paint the underground for grass allways brown. It gives it a more natural look. Mixing grass is also a good idea.
    The hill looks good. Very good work on the stones.


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