Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cold overcome and Pegasus Bridge assembled

This weekend was rather unpleasant since I was suffering an unpleasant cold. Cough, snuff and headache tortured me and I didn't manage to prepare an AAR from friday where we had a small Bolt Action game to recall the rules. Meanwhile I realized that there aren't too many good pictures but I'll present them later this week anyway.
The bridge in all its beauty.

But the last days weren't in vain since I found the time to finish the largest kit I ever constructed: Warlord Games incarnation of the famous Pegasus Bridge.
The whole terrain piece measures about 85cm x 45cm and is nearly 30cm high. It will definitely dominate any gaming table and momentarily I'm not sure whether I'll build a complete Pegasus table or whether I'll prepare some board tile for the bridge which fit into my current tiles. Anyway this piece is too awesome to place it just somewhere on a blue blanked which is called Caen canal.
The first paras stepping on the bridge.
On this picture you can get an idea of the size of the bridge. I marked the three Red Devils which I placed on the bridge that you can spot them easier. Those are the usual 28mm Bolt Action miniatures.

Momentarily I haven't glued all parts together. On the one hand to be able to place miniatures inside and on the other hand to make it easier to paint the different parts. Probably I'll let some parts unglued permanently to simplify storage and transport.

Anyway it was a pleasure to build this kit. The construction manual was simple but rather clear. The parts were cut extremely accurately and they were easy to remove from the sheets. After this experience I acquired a taste for MDF kits. Maybe I'll try one of the ships which Laser Dream Works offers next year...


  1. Sorry you have been ill but that is SOME bridge


  2. She's a big beauty, glad you're feeling better by the way!

  3. Hello, I like very much your blog and your figurines, I add a shortcut on my web site among my favorites(whiskers).

  4. This is a fantastic piece. It does deserve to be placed among well crafted terrain doesn't it. Looking forward to following that.

  5. That's some REALLY big terrain... Not too sure if it would work with my gaming demands. To me it's simply too big.

  6. Hi folks,

    thanks for the encouraging comments.
    It's a beatiful terrain piece indeed and I hope that my painting will not disfigure it. But that's a task for after Curt's painting challenge.

    Moiterei of course your right, the bridge is difficult to use otherwise than for its special scenarios but But after Warlord Games made it, it was just a "must have" for me. Major Howards part in "The longest Day" left too impressive memories...


  7. That is an amazingly big terrain piece! I look forward to seeing it painted. It's probably longer than small arms range under most rule sets!

  8. How long did it take to build? Do you have any idea?

  9. Cor, that's HUGE! Very impressive.

  10. This looks awesome Stefan! You're right this will be impressive on a gaming table!


  11. WOW, I bet thats been a marathon to put together. Its going to look wonderful once painted!